Why HPN?

For the best results, the right approach to population health management is essential. HPN's approach is different from most Wellness companies. HPN's research, support and results includes and goes beyond wellness.

The intial focus is to empower everyone with the right skills and resources to improve the use and quality of care, and to avoid needless medical errors, risks and expenses. The focus shifts to optimizing early detection, prevention and wellbeing.

We empower leaders with the support implement and administer wellness benefits and programs for optimum results and success.

Design drives results. The top HPN clients see engagement rates rocket to 95-100%. Within the first 3-12 months, bottom-line savings and other results are seen – group after group, year after year. The best results are seen with groups optimizing the mix of support, actions and timing – valued research available to every group we serve.

More Insights

Our "product" is healthier people, better care, healing, cost control and other positive results from everyone's choices and actions that can make a difference.

Engagement in actions for wellbeing, good care, healing and stewardship benefit everyone.

Empowered users of care are vital to improving quality and bending the cost curve of health care. The government, hospitals and many others are taking steps to reduce the cost of health care, but there are some critical things that only the users of care can do – patients and their families.

We work with groups to involve them in solutions that lead to greater results meaningful to all. Wellbeing is important to individuals and their families. They also want to get good, safe and effective care, avoid needless losses and have more savings for other goals. But gaps in know-how, tools, and confidence get in the way.

HPN has worked with those we serve to close these gaps and optimize results for all involved since the 1980s.