Staff & Associates

Most staff, associates and network partners have a minimum of 10 to over 30 years of experience.

Below are overviews of HPN WorldWide’s primary research and leadership team, service network and adjunct associates.

Primary Leadership Team

  • Bob Gorsky, PhD
  • Joan Cantwell, RN, MA, OHN
  • Laurie Noffs, MA
  • Ben Gorsky
  • Emily Bergadon
  • Jim Brashear
  • Barb Crowell, MS
  • Greg Kirschner, MD, MPH
  • Barb Gorsky, PT MPH MDiv DMin

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Primary Support Teams

Whether you have 1 worksite or 100, sites with 2 or over 10,000 employees, remote staff or expats, HPN can reach them all. Here are some examples of the scope of support available:

  • Wellness Screenings
    • Onsite screenings – options regarding tests included, size, minimums
    • Screenings at local patient service centers at national labs
    • Screenings via primary care provider
    • Integration with wellness incentive programs
    • Options to work with local hospitals, health care systems and other screening partners
    • Standard and custom report options
  • Learning & Training Options
    • E-learning over 1,200 e-lessons, add custom lessons
    • Learning management system – tailored to topics, risks, strengths, groups, individuals, completion rules
    • Webinars, train-the-trainer and other options
    • Master trainers – each with 10-30+ years experience
    • Can reach any worksite in the US, Canada or Mexico
    • Primary languages - English and Spanish
    • Call for other locations and language needs
  • Wellness Challenge Campaigns & Incentive Programs
    • Over 10 challenge campaign options – 6-12 weeks, themes, goals
    • Annual wellness incentive programs – standard, custom, HIPAA compliant
    • Integration options - wellness screenings, device syncing, e-learning, many other options
    • Other considerations – employees, new hires, spouses, goals, admin rules, reports
  • Personal Support Professionals
    • EAP counseling staff and provider networks
    • Health care counseling and advocacy staff
    • Disease/condition management staff
    • Health coaching staff - phone and worksite-based
    • Over 200 languages supported - most services
  • Other Teams
    • Population Health, Wellbeing Risk Management & Loss Control
    • Worksite Immunizations – onsite, local options, communications, coordination
    • Health and Benefit Communications
    • Health Care Decision Content and Tools
    • Benefit and Incentive Design
    • Research and Development
    • Evaluation and Metrics
    • Information Systems
    • Leadership Resources
    • Production and Fulfillment
    • Standards and Compliance

Other Adjunct Associates

HPN's adjunct professionals provide additional expertise as needed. Here are just a few of them:

Alice Barr, RN MBA Health plan design, nurse lines, case management
Greg Kirschner, MD MPH Family practice, training, international health, outreach
Jeff Nelson, MD Infectious disease, training
David Noffs, MPH EdD Learning designer, interactive arts & media, training
Barb Gorsky, PT MPH MDiv DMin Spiritual wellbeing, pastoral care, faith communities, ministry
David Mackinnon, MBA MA PhD Personal-work-family programs and services, research, training
Kathy Wieland, MPH R&D, communications, training, population health
Paulette Toburen, PsyD Mental, emotional & social wellbeing, stress, resilience, parenting
Gary Tagtmeier, CPA Financial wellbeing, money management, training
Dave Johnson Graphic design

In addition, HPN consults and collaborates with other peers and colleagues from such organizations as the Center for Disease Control, Medstat Group, Health Enhancement Research Organization, Employee Benefits Research Institute and other organizations.