Working together, making a difference

Features & Benefits

  • HPN staff offers assistance to leaders exploring collaborative solutions regarding rising health costs, the uninsured, health and success of youth, catastrophic events and other key issues at local and global levels.
  • While HPN is a for-profit organization, we operate as a non-profit, carefully investing time, resources and funds back into R&D and targeted outreach to local and global initiatives.

Some outreach initiatives supported by HPN:

  • SIM International – Evangel Teaching Hospital (Jos, Nigeria)
  • SIM International – Targeted Community Health Ministries (Jos, Nigeria)
  • UNICEF - Indonesian Tsunami Outreach
  • American Red Cross – Indonesian Tsunami Outreach
  • Presbyterian Disaster Relief – e.g. Katrina/New Orleans Outreach
  • Heifer International
  • Other – Local Food Pantries & Homeless Shelter Programs