Incentive Design & Admin System
  • Wellness Incentive Program Options – Annual type
    • 35 years designing and administering over 100 designs
    • Outcomes, actions & hybrid based options
    • Standard designs & rule sets – all customizable
    • Eligibility options – e.g., relationship, current actives, new hires, benefit coverage
    • Consulting support – best practices, optimum engagement and compliance
  • Point Reward Program Options
    • Quarterly and annual time frame options
    • Reward points for actions associated with better health, wellbeing, better care, productivity, relationships, quality of life and savings – personal, family, medical and other
  • Other features
    • User-friendly dashboards – status, to-dos, learn more, links to get things done…
    • Integrate wellness screenings, risk assessments & targeted results
    • Reasonable alternatives – many options, many automated, custom options
    • Compliance reports for HR, payroll, incentive eligibility/distribution
    • Admin level options - compliance overrides for exceptions, manage design elements, other