Health Care Safety

Survival Guide for Better Health Care

Key Support Includes

  • Survival Guide for Better Health Care manual
  • Group-specific resource reminder (e.g. 800#s, web site), Ask-the-Doctor visit tools and wallet cards
  • Trainers available for related online and onsite training options
  • Support for strategy development, customization, implementation and evaluation
  • The online learning center and e-lesson options offer even more tips and helpful resources
  • Can link related e-learning to engagement/incentive strategy

Know-How & Skills Gained

  • Building an effective health team – including a good main doctor
  • Improve visits with doctors to improve quality of care, efficiencies and results
  • Avoid medical test/diagnostic-related errors, unwanted risks and complications
  • Prevent medication/supplement errors, needless risks and complications
  • Prevent surgery-related errors, infections and complications
  • Improve use of key resources available through the employer and health plan
  • Avoid financial and other losses – personal, family, health plan and employer

Results & Returns

  • Help employees and family members improve the use and quality of health care, prevent needless medical errors, risks, complications, related tragedies and related expenses, missed work (absenteeism) and loss of income
  • Avoid financial losses due to medical errors, poor care, lack of proper planning, other health care consumer competencies and related consequences
  • Realize added savings via improved quality of care, healing and consumer skills
  • Conserve health care funds by avoiding errors, poor care and related costs – to free up dollars for needed quality care and to offset rising health costs
  • Reduce the 5-30% of paid claims EACH YEAR attributable to medical errors and other forms of poor quality care
  • Reduce needless deaths and disabilities and related ongoing expenses attributable to medical errors and other forms of poor quality care
  • Contributes to lower paid claims each year and lower rate increases in future