Prevention Update

A Guide to Living Well In Today’s World

Key Support Includes

  • Prevention Update – A Guide to Living Well in Today’s World
  • Additional booklets with more details for adults (Guide to Healthy Living) and children (The Asset Approach)
  • Group-specific home checklist and resource reminder
  • Trainers available for related online and onsite training options
  • Support for strategy development, customization, implementation and evaluation
  • The online learning center and e-lesson options offer even more tips and helpful resources
  • Can link related e-learning to engagement/incentive strategy

Know-How & Skills Gained

  • Insights and updates on different dimensions of health, what influences them and the ripple effects of choices
  • Evidence-based decisions to improve quality of life, resilience, risk reduction and other areas of well-being
  • Get key updates, tips and tools for improving nutrition, fitness, weight, emotional and social health, heart health, cancer prevention, home safety and more
  • Learn 40 powerful ways to help children improve health and success in school
  • Improve use of key resources available through the employer and health plan
  • Avoid financial and other losses – through better health, safety and prevention

Results & Returns

  • Helps employees and family members: improve health and quality of life; PLUS reduce many personal risks for illnesses, injuries, disabilities, other tragedies and related expenses, missed work (absenteeism) and loss of income.
  • Reduces unnecessary paid claims through better risk reduction, resilience and recovery and lower incidence and severity of illness, conditions, diseases, injuries and disabilities
  • Conserves health care funds by avoiding and mitigating many preventable health and safety related problems and costs
  • Contributes to lower paid claims each year and lower rate increases in future