Design Support

Vision, planning, data, integration, details

Key Support Includes

  • HPN offers leaders support with strategy related research and design, benchmarking, due diligence, identification of priorities, time-line and budget development, integration and synergy opportunities, staffing/out- sourcing decisions, benefit plan design, related policies, resource options (including comparative analyses), strategy time and expense controls, applicable HIPAA and ERISA regulations, compliance strategies and more

Did you know?

  • HPN receives many RFPs that are asking the wrong questions about:
    • disease management - population health
    • prevention, HRAs & early detection - benefit plan design - health coaching
  • Abilities to improve health and cost control are often limited by gaps in:
    • consumer driven health plans
    • existing strategies & plan designs
    • integration and delivery
    • Best Practices
  • HPN helps to:
    • Ask the right questions
    • Identify and close the gaps
    • Improve results