Key Considerations

Boost Results – Year after Year

Clients with best in class initiatives are seeing current paid claims be as much as 10-26% lower than 3-5 years ago.

1. What’s the formula for success?

  • Right Actions + Right Rewards = Right Results
  • Right Results = ✓ Better health, early detection, care,
    healing & wellbeing
    ✓ Better trends in quality, claims,
    catastrophic cases & costs
    ✓ All in as little as1-12months—lasting year after year

2. Why is the right Wellness Rewards strategy more important than ever?

  • Without one, results can be 40% or less than achievable with:
    • Risks not improving &/or getting worse
    • Catastrophic cases & severity not affected
    • Paid claims & total costs increasing 9-25+% or more each year
  • Certain designs are more effective than others:
    • Some requirements lead to ripple effects of many results.
    • Certain rewards increase results dramatically.
    • The right mix leads to key results in the first 12 months.
  • Some groups are seeing paid claims up to 26% lower than 3-5 years ago.
  • New regulations allow more opportunities to improve results.

3. Considering a new or updated wellness rewards strategy?

  • What will be it’s name, requirements, deadlines, reward options and budget?
  • What’s important for your group – type & immediacy of results, design
    options & flexibility, admin needs, exceptions, efficiencies...?
  • How will it integrate with:
    ✓ Employees with and without benefits? Spouses?
    ✓ Screenings and flu shots at work?
    ✓ Preventive care via providers?
    ✓ HRAs and surveys?
    ✓ Healthcoaches, nurse care counselors, condition & case managers?
    ✓ e-learning?
    ✓ Key trainings, other events and resources unique to your organization,
    ✓ Evaluation & metrics strategy

4. What else is important to get the right results?

  • Will it achieve 90-100% participating and meeting other requirements that can make difference?
  • Will it help get key results in the first 12 months?
  • What communications, tech and reporting support are essential?
  • How are administrative efficiencies and costs optimized?
  • How is integration with other HIPAA business associates optimized?
  • What’s the evidence and experience of those who will help?