Online Support

Universal • Flexible • Results Oriented • Compliant • Integrated


Need to improve the health/medical/benefits web site or web strategy for your employees and families? Need ideas to relieve communications and administrative headaches? Need an e-Learning lesson on certain topic? Need a webinar topic, speaker or support? We’ve been designing custom sites, tools and solutions for over 12 years. Our experienced, skilled teams and archives offer affordable AND often “instant” solutions.

  • 24/365 access to accredited, quality decision content and tools
  • Improved decision-making skills in health, care, work/family and other areas
  • Improved quality of care and medical outcomes
  • Improved the use of health care, benefits, EAP and other resources
  • Improved learning, management of chronic conditions and reduction of risks
  • Reduced and controlled health care costs, risks of inappropriate care, outdated treatments and complications

Unique Features
Online Decision Support provides up-to-date information and tools in a user-friendly, results-oriented design, including:

  • Health Care Safety, Early Detection, Prevention, Battling Germs and Infections, Stress Tool Box and other core skill centers
  • e-Learning center – over 1,200 lessons, plus 300+ in Spanish; assign and track too!
  • Options to include HRAs, custom rewards program, secure messaging and more
  • Options to link e-learning, HRAs & other actions to wellness rewards progam
  • Information on over 5,000 diseases and conditions including rare disorders, 600 medical tests, 500 common problems and symptoms and 3,000 drugs therapies via the URAC-accredited Healthwise® Knowledgebase
  • Password security, https sites for PHI with no advertising or chat rooms
  • Surveys and other evaluation tools – for feedback and documenting results
  • Add benefits info, phones, forms, newsletters and links
  • Ability to brand and tailor virtually anything
  • Need a tool, lesson or report you don’t see? We can develop it.

Customization options include:

  • Branding – your logo, name, colors, theme
  • Add custom articles, art, photos, footers, downloads...