Technical Features and Security

Gain a secure and customizable resource for your wellness program

How it works

The WMS is a dynamic system that allows flexibility of presentation, tracking, and recording at the most granular level and aggregating at the highest of levels.

Key components

  • Highest security standards using salted, 256 encrypted passwords
  • The primary codebase is warehoused onsite and at minimally four locations outside of the office, including “the Cloud”
  • Built primarily in PHP using Symfony framework employing HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby and Java where appropriate
  • System is capable of tracking user level utilization, claims reporting, various user input program tracking


The system is completely customizable from the design of a wellness portal to anything needing to be tracked, reported, collected or presented.  For wellness coordinators, human resource departments, health coaches, and nurses there are dozens of utilities from user administration and setup through real-time reporting.

For more details click here Technical Overview (pdf)