For Employees

Provide your employees and their families with the resources for optimizing their health, care and wellbeing now and throughout life

How it works

The WMS provides your employees and their families with a reference center for medical questions, research and personal health tracking. These resources allow your employees to improve health habits, better understand the health care system and make informed medical decisions.

Key components

  • URAC-accredited medical databases to search health topics, symptoms, medical tests, medicines, surgeries and support groups
  • Access to over 1,000 e-learning lessons with custom lesson options
  • Medical decision support tools on over 160 elective decisions considering both personal values and medical information
  • Learning centers that gather resources associated with the greatest prevention, quality and cost control opportunities
  • Access to over 50 e-lessons, plus pdfs, excel templates and other resources for financial wellbeing and other support options


Individuals can login any time from any location.  Integrate the system with your benefit documents and links to provide one central source where individuals can find all their health, medical and benefit resources.