For Administrators

Make administration easy by retaining a comprehensive and flexible management system

How it works

The WMS provides administrators with a full online support vehicle for their health and wellness benefits, resources and incentive programs. 

Key components

  • Manage user access in real-time
  • System integration with existing health benefits
  • Built in secure messaging system
  • Option to add an incentive program, online health risk assessment, or corporate health campaigns
  • Online scheduling for wellness screenings and health coaching
  • Data warehousing of participation, incentive compliance and aggregate group reports – fully HIPAA secure, protecting the privacy of individuals regarding any PHI.


With our dynamic system, our support staff can create a custom web portal design in as little as one week.  We can also make real-time changes to your wellness portal or incentive program, develop new e-learning resources for your employees, or run ad-hoc reporting.