Design Insights

Integrated Strategies

Surround employees and families with key high-priority support components.

  • Each component helps to improve multiple goals shared by individuals, families, employer, health plan and providers
  • Most yield multiple measures of success within the 12-months of implementation
  • All high-priority components can be implemented in year 1 of the strategy
  • OR, one or more components can be staggered and implemented over 2-3 years
  • More components are considered beyond the initial priorities for unique needs, goals and subsequent years
  • Each component affects many goals for results

Evolve and Adapt Your Strategy Each Year

Each year, HPN staff works together with leaders to review, adapt and strengthen the strategy based on changing needs, goals, priorities and capabilities. Initial high-priority components (shown above) and appropriate others are considered for each year of the strategy.

Synergies of Integration

Research indicates that a wisely designed multi-component strategy (or support system) yields the best results. These types of strategies:

  • Include a strategic mix of programs, resources and other support tailored to best accomplish multiple goals as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible
  • Involve a long-range 3 - 5 year plan that strategically sequences components, expenses and results over one-year time-frames
  • Maximize the integration and cross-reinforcement of all new and improved strategy components with EAP and other existing benefits
  • Obtain better immediate and long-range results and returns — e.g., improvements in prevention, early detection, use and quality of health care, reduced rates of increase in health costs, absenteeism...
  • Capitalize on additional immediate savings and results through better integration, efficiencies and reduced cost-of-goods for needed health care

Next Steps

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