What's true?
  • Financial wellbeing affects many other areas of life, such as:
    • Physical health and wellbeing
    • Resilience, stress & emotional wellbeing
    • Relationships – loved ones, friends, co-workers, others
    • Work – abilities, opportunities, productivity, success
    • Intellectual – education, learning, skills, creativity, focus
    • Achieving dreams for self, loved ones, home, future…
    • Abilities to help others & make a difference

  • Compound interest can grow regular savings exponentially over time.

  • Knowing and doing certain things can improve financial security and wellbeing almost immediately, and in retirement years.

  • The Financial Wellness Center (FWC) has:
    • Over 50 mini-lessons
    • Helpful excel templates, pdfs, calculators & other tools
    • Ongoing scam alerts – new and recent
    • Other resources for key interests, life stages & goals

  • Using the FWC can help you and others to be in the top 5% of people on track for reaching key financial goals – now and in retirement.

If you said all are true, congrats – you are correct!