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Our Mission
Our mission is to empower all groups and people we serve with the right knowledge, skills and support to improve health, the use and quality of care, savings, cost control and wellbeing.

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Who We Serve
HPN serves employers, unions, health plans, health systems and other groups seeking to improve health, health care, cost control and performance including the financial stability and wellbeing of all.

Since 1983, we’ve served over 1,000 groups including those with self-funded plans, Taft-Hartley and/or fully insured plans, each reaching 50 to 500,000+ families.

Working Together, Making a Difference
Making positive differences includes empowering and encouraging all we serve to take key actions that can:

            • Optimize resilience, quality and length of life;
            • Avoid many health problems, poor quality care, complications and suffering;
            • Minimize lost work time, wages, depleted savings, needless medical expenses and debt; and
            • Minimize health care related premiums and taxes.

These collaborative actions benefit everyone for other valued goals and achievements. We see the results time and time again.