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HPN offers expertise, guidance, and support that can help you implement wellness strategies in ways that lead to the greatest outcomes. Valued results come from a strategy (and mix) of custom tailored support components being adapted as needed over time in our advantage building websites and platforms we offer.

Wellness screening and HRA options, immunizations, communications, trainings, evaluation, research, planning, coaching, leader and other support can help with many needs, goals and results. Recommendations, partner networks, efficiencies, implementation and other support are available to each organization.

Each service can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Tap into one service or many, collectively to optimize your results.

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Wellness Screening Services

Periodic wellness screenings help with earlier detection of potential issues when they are less severe and easier handle and treat resulting in better outcomes - e.g., faster, better healing, avoided complications and costs, saved lives and time. Good screenings, convenience, personal reports and other support are crucial.

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For groups interested, HPN and our network of partners and laboratories offer convenient, confidential, quality wellness screening options via onsite events and local patient service centers throughout the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). Support includes

  • Planning and coordination
  • promotional communications
  • registration options
  • personal reports (mailed and online)
  • aggregate reports that can help with support planning TAPPING INTO existing
  • integrations with the website (e.g., appointment scheduling
  • incentive programs
  • challenges, personal reports
  • links to more information and decision tools) and other available resources.
  • Each abides by HIPAA and applicable state privacy laws and regulations.
  • Personal results can be accessed online in as few as 3-5 days, with printed report options mailed within 7-21 days that can add to impacts and outcomes.

Individuals can also share results of screenings done via doctor visits -AND- we have also coordinated with other screening partners of some clients.

Health Risk Assessments

Periodic health risk assessments (HRAs) help with identifying strengths, risks and ways of improving health and wellbeing, preventing hundreds of illnesses, injuries and costs, as well as tracking and analyzing population health trends over time.

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Our Health Power Assessment HRA assesses over 65 controllable actions, factors and risk measures for each person spanning:

  • Heart Health and Blood Pressure
  • Cancer and Diabetes Prevention
  • Body Metrics, Nutrition, and Fitness
  • Stress, Resilience and Quality of Life
  • Resistance to Germs and Infections
  • Safety and Injury Prevention

Participants receive informative reports with results, tips to reach goals and recommended follow-up as needed. Administrators receive a group report with aggregate data with the strengths, risks, and other insights for adapting support to help with prevention, health, care, and wellbeing goals that help every and the organization to avoid needless health problems, expenses, losses of work time, income and lives.

Enjoy the flexibility of adding questions, uploading screening results into reports, customizing reports with logos, branding, sub-branding and choosing the format best suited for your population – online, in paper, or by mobile app.

Evaluation & Analysis

HPN can help your organization identify group-specific needs, goals and support delivery preferences. And, we can assist with meaningful metrics that can help with strategy and support tracking, planning, communications, outcome goals and continuous improvement opportunities.

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We do this through a variety of tools and support such as:

  • Strategy and support planning surveys
  • Impact/Outcome surveys
  • HRA's and wellness screenings
  • Other metrics – e.g., resource usage, participation, incentive criteria met, testimonials, other feedback
  • Time 1 Time 2 studies – changes over time with ongoing and new participants
  • Assistance with analysis of health cost, claims and other related data
  • Leader meetings and other desired support to optimize usefulness of available reports and findings

Some of these have already been mentioned. Some exist on the website and are done at certain points in time. Others are available for groups interested in more in-depth support and studies.

Training And Information

Each website already includes over 1,400 e-lesson topics, over 500 videos and over 50 learning centers. These can help with many interests, needs, goals and desired outcomes some of which are core competency strength training topics, on:

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  • Medical self-care; health care safety; early detection; prevention update; and germ control.
  • Other core strengths on stress and resilience, decision making, emotional, social, and financial wellbeing.

Other support that may be of interest includes:

  • Topics that can be complimented with related materials that can add to effectiveness and outcomes.
  • Customization options - custom e-lessons, presentations, programs, streaming media, adding your own videos.
  • Access to experienced trainers for onsite or virtual streaming meetings and presentations.
  • HPN instructor training and presentation support resources may be of interest to your own trainers.

Research & Planning

HPN can be an extension of your staff, with a wealth of experience, expertise, integrity, and excellence in stewardship of your total health management strategy, budget and resources.

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From senior leaders to local site strategy leaders (e.g., plant managers, health/safety leadership teams) – HPN helps to foster assets required for short and long-term strategy success through leadership training and skill development, incentive systems, meeting facilitation, senior, mid-level and local ownership/vesting in strategy, data and vision-driven solutions, etc. via scheduled meetings, task forces, web casts, R&D, planning/decision tools, technical support and other resources/venues.

Whether working 1 or 100 worksites, 1 shift or 3 full shifts, any size worksite and workforce, field sales, expats or families – HPN experts assist with design, strategy, implementation and management (e.g., timelines, customization, logistics coordination, trainers, partners, mailings, fulfillment, storage, list management), ad hoc requests, compliance with HIPAA, ERISA, OSHA and other applicable regulations, coordinating with benefit plans, TPAs, EAPs and other key parties and related delivery details.

Coaching & Personal Support

EAPs and other coaching support resources can help people meet their goals for better health, care and wellbeing earlier and more successfully. Personal support can help people reduce the risks of avoidable problems, set-backs, expenses and other regrets through key questions, research, resources, encouragement, and other appropriate assistance.

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Most common coaching options include:

  • Employee & Family Assistance (EAP)
  • Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  • Financial Counseling and Coaching
  • Targeted Risk/Disease/Condition Support Options
  • Healthy Pregnancy, Baby & New Moms
  • Health Care Navigation, Care Counseling, Care Coordination & Care Advocacy Options
  • Telecare Support – Find a Best Doctor, Ask-A-Doctor plus Care Reviews & Research for Best Care Options

Many organizations may already have an EAP plus other personal support options via certain health benefit plans – e.g., telemedicine, some care or condition support options. Some personal support options are also in included with certain wellness screenings.

These and other existing resources can be reinforced on the website, in personal HRA and screening reports, wellness incentive programs, challenge campaigns and in other ways.

HPN can also help if recommendations are desired for EAPs, other resources and best practices to add, improve support and/or usage that may help with group-specific risks, needs, concerns, goals and related outcomes.


HPN can make it easier to achieve maximum engagement with a variety of communication tools and services including:

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  • Newsletters and articles on health, care and wellbeing – with custom branding, design and article options
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant messaging on the websites and via email – for reminders, deadlines, new resources, confirmations, news and other messages
  • Custom designed WMS powered websites, engineered for the health, care and wellbeing goals for your employees and families
  • Web Casts, R&D, and other meetings available to directly consult and advise your leadership team in guiding your organization’s internal health, care, wellbeing, and benefit communication needs.

Support For Immunizations, COVID & Other Goals

We offer full coordination and implementation support, and our services are certain to drive higher immunization rates for targeted vaccines (flu, pneumonia, tetanus, etc.), as well as lower incidences of related diseases, complications, health care, absenteeism and related costs.

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And when new challenges arise, such as new strains and surges of the flu, covid or the next curve ball, HPN is quick to offer resources, new e-lessons, and insights to help organizations and everyone to meet these challenges head on.

Solid know-how, support and actions can make all the difference to avoid over 100 infections and related impacts on absenteeism, productivity, health costs other ripple effects affecting employees, families, and the business.

HPN can assistance with planning and coordination of flu shot initiatives during the fall and winter each year – through primary care, local pharmacy, onsite event and other options of interest.


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