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Using the Wellness Platform


User Engagement


Improved Care


Improved Health


Health Savings


Rapid & Ongoing

Top clients with recommended best practices experiencing: 95-99% of employees and spouses using their health, care and wellbeing website, and other key actions; and reported impacts and outcomes noted below – some beginning within the first year.

42 - 55%

Improved the health and safety of myself and other family members

45 - 53%

Avoided medical errors, risky, unnecessary care and/or costs

42 - 55%

Solved problems faster and/or better

9 - 33%

Employer 1: Paid claims and fees were 9 - 33% lower for 9 continuous years

11 - 26%

Employer 2: Paid claims were 11 - 26% lower for 5 continuous years

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