Web Sites & Tools for Key Goals

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What are your needs and goals?

  • Do you want a secure, powerful website for yourself, people and group that can help to meet a wide range of goals – some noted below and others?
  • Do you need e-lessons to help meet specific needs and goals?
  • Are wellness incentive strategies and challenge programs on your radar? The types that can boost engagement and help reach goals sooner?
  • Do you need solutions to relieve communications and administrative headaches?
  • Could your current web site and strategy benefit by adding tools and resources that would meet other key needs and goals?
  • Do you want to make it easier for people to add strengths that can really make a difference in life now and the months and years ahead?

We’ve been designing custom sites, tools and solutions for over 22 years. Our experienced, skilled teams and archives offer affordable AND often “instant” solutions.

  • Secure compliant access to accredited, quality decision content and tools
  • Improved decision-making skills in health, care, work/family and other areas
  • Improved quality of care and medical outcomes
  • Improved the use of health care, benefits, EAP and other resources
  • Improved learning, management of chronic conditions and reduction of risks
  • Reduced and controlled health care costs, risks of inappropriate care, outdated treatments and complications

Unique Features
Our secure sites, platform and tools provide up-to-date information and tools in a user-friendly, results-oriented design, including:

  • Health Care Safety, Early Detection, Prevention, Battling Germs and Infections, Stress Tool Box and other core skill centers
  • Over 1,400 e-lessons, 400 in Spanish and 500 videos
  • Options to include HRAs, custom rewards program, secure messaging and more
  • Options to link e-learning, HRAs & other actions to wellness rewards program
  • Information on over 5,000 diseases and conditions including rare disorders, 600 medical tests, 500 common problems and symptoms and 3,000 drugs therapies via the URAC-accredited Healthwise® Knowledgebase
  • Surveys and other evaluation tools – for feedback and documenting results
  • Add benefits info, phones, forms, e-lessons, links, SSOs & more
  • Ability to brand and tailor virtually anything
  • Need a tool, lesson or report you don’t see? We can develop it.

The links below offer more insights about the secure site and tools available for crucial needs and goals.