Optimize Results

Wellness Screenings, HRAs & Preventive Care
Improve early detection and follow-up in these – AND – at least 3 other ways. Earlier treatment, better healing, reduce severity of problems and related costs are among the outcomes.
No Regrets Health Care — Users Make the Biggest Difference
There are over 20 causes of medical errors and other forms of poor quality care. Patients and families can help prevent at least 14. Avoiding needless errors, treatment risks, complications and costs are reported by over 80% of people having the right support.
Prevention, Resilience & Wellbeing
Many accidents, illnesses and disabilities can be prevented or reduced in severity with the right actions. Greater resilience and wellbeing stems from actions that improve mind, body, heart, spirit, relationships, financial health and other factors.
Better Returns without Cost-Shifting
HPN clients have documented returns on investment ranging from 3:1 to 15:1 per year. The range depends on the strategy and how it is implemented and reinforced.