Early Detection

Guidelines, Tips & Tools for Life

Key Support Includes

  • The Early Detection Tips & Tools Guide,
    Instructional Bookmark, Wallet Cards, Reminders and Tumor Detection Tools for every employee and family
  • Trainers available for related online and onsite training options
  • Online center (tool button) with e-Learning, medical databases and other tools for better early detection and follow-up
  • Support for strategy development, customization, delivery and evaluation
  • The online learning center and e-lesson options offer even more tips and helpful resources
  • Can link related e-learning to engagement/incentive strategy

Know-How & Skills Gained

  • Building an effective health team – including a good main doctor
  • Reinforcement of risks and risk assessment in an early detection plan
  • Updated early detection guidelines for every day, month and 1-5 years
  • Recommended risk-based screenings – self-exams, worksite, doctor’s office
  • Strong emphasis on when to act and best use of available resources
  • Reinforcement of self-care books, medical web sites and available benefits
  • Supplemental reminders, skill development and record-keeping tools

Results & Returns

  • Helps employees and family members improve the quality of early detection at home, the worksite and doctor’s office, appropriate follow-up and related use of benefits, screenings, HRAs and other available resources
  • Lowers health care costs by detecting and treating health problems earlier, improving related outcomes (e.g. decreased incidence and severity of catastrophic cases), and by reducing inappropriate screenings and follow-up
  • Realize additional savings through improved participation rates in wellness screenings and HRAs – costing 50% less than at the doctors office or hospital
  • Contributes to lower paid claims each year and lower rate increases in future