Germ Control

Battling Germs & Infections

Key Support Includes

  • Battling Germs and Infections Guide with updated facts and tips to prevent and control many common and dangerous costly infections at work, home, in schools, hospitals and elsewhere
  • Trainers available for related online and onsite training options
  • Support for strategy development, customization, implementation and evaluation
  • The online learning center and e-lesson options offer even more tips and helpful resources
  • Can link related e-learning to engagement/incentive strategy

Know-How & Skills Gained

  • Effective actions to improve the overall germ (infection) resistance of every employee and family.
  • Evidence-based guidelines and decisions to better avoid, prevent and control over 25 costly infections, infectious diseases and conditions – e.g., the flu (changing strains each year), colds, strep throat, pneumonia, meningitis, food poisoning, toxoplasmosis, gum infections, MRSA, C-MRSA, hepatitis, mononucleosis, parasitic, HIV and other infections. COVID-19 updates included.
  • Updates on effective actions regarding hand washing, cleaning, food handling and preparation, pets, pregnancy, first aid, camping, blood borne pathogens, vaccines, international travel and other actions.
  • Reinforcement of importance of proactive obtaining flu shots, pneumonia and other relevant immunizations (for self and each family member) via primary provider, worksite initiatives and other appropriate sources.

Results & Returns

  • Helps improve flu shot, pneumonia and other relevant immunization rates regarding recommended preventive care.
  • Helps reduce overall infection rate (case) trends, complications, related health care, costs and lost lives.
  • Contributes to lower paid claims each year and lower rate increases in future.
  • Helps reduce related absenteeism and lost wages via fewer infection-related illnesses regarding self and family members.