HRAs & Other Assessments

A catalyst for health improvement starts with identifying the right risks

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are an important tool for assessing health, reducing risks for many illnesses, conditions and injuries, as well as tracking and analyzing population health trends. However, this success depends on what questions are asked, the design of the personal reports and the follow-up support provided.

Our Health Power Assessment HRA assesses over 65 controllable actions, factors and risk measures for each person spanning:

  • Heart Health and Blood Pressure
  • Cancer and Diabetes Prevention
  • Body Metrics, Nutrition, and Fitness
  • Stress, Resilience and Quality of Life
  • Resistance to Germs and Infections
  • Safety and Injury Prevention

Participants receive informative reports with feedback, tips to reach goals and recommended follow-up as needed. Administrators receive a detailed aggregate group report that stratifies group risks, savings opportunities, and data needed to target support and track success.

Enjoy the flexibility of adding questions, uploading screening results into reports, offering versions in English and Spanish, customizing reports with logos, branding, sub-branding and choosing the format best suited for your population – online, in paper, or by mobile app.