Core Wellness Screenings

100+ Screening Components

Features and Benefits

  • 29 blood chemistry and 10 biometric measures including Glucose, Fructosamine, Total Cholesterol, HDL/LDL Cholesterol and Complete Blood Count, Blood Pressure, Resting Pulse, Body Mass Index and Hip/Waist Ratio.
  • Over 65 other measures via the Health Power Assessment (HPA) – details.
  • Optional reflex tests (automatic and variable by client, age, history, results from other blood tests and other factors) – e.g., HA1c, PSA, TSH, T4, HsCRP, cotinine, % body fat.
  • Online and phone registration options.

Optimize Reach, Speed & Savings

  • Reach any size worksite, remote employees and spouses at home.
  • Reach all in every state & U.S. territory including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Guam.
  • No charges for travel.
  • Access results online in as few as 3-5 days.
  • Most reports mailed within 7 days.

Benefits – Reports, Data & Support

  • Full coordination, promotion and registration support.
  • Robust Aggregate Group Report documenting top risks and risk-related costs – includes helpful charts, tables, references.
  • Pragmatic, research-based recommendations to reduce identified risks, improve health, health care, absenteeism and related costs.
  • Improved early detection quality, participation, results and cost-effectiveness.