Wellness Screening Services

Plug into the Advantages of PowerUp Wellness Screenings

  • Measure current health in over 101 ways
  • Be encouraged by results and actions that are helping with goals
  • Catch potential problems before symptoms appear
  • Get tips and tools to improve health and wellbeing
  • Act on early warning signs for better treatment and results
  • Have good insights and questions for doctors and others about results and goals
  • Use results, insights and tools to power-UP your health and wellbeing

What Participants are Saying:

  • “I never knew I was doing so good!”
  • “Now I’m watching what I eat and walking more to improve my cholesterol and other goals.”
  • “My doctor said that the screening helped us find and take care of a problem long before my next routine physical exam. I recommend the screening to everyone!”
  • “My doctor liked the report and my results. I’m glad I brought it!”
  • “This screening helped me track my progress since last year.”
  • “I love the online reports and tools. They provide tons of information – what I could do about my results, what to discuss with my doctor and more.”
  • “The screening was private and fast – mine only took 15 minutes.”
  • “My screening helped me lose over 40 pounds since last year!”

Working Together, Making a Difference — 140+ years of experience

  • HPN and our network of wellness screening partners and laboratories work together as partners bringing convenient, confidential Wellness Screening options throughout the U.S. – and– if needed, other countries.
  • All partners have provided quality health and wellness services a combined total of over 140 years. Each abides by HIPAA privacy laws and regulations, and those of other countries (if applicable).
  • Our wellness screening partners provide the screening and blood chemistry analysis serving millions of people each year.
  • HPN coordinates and provides the research, promotion, registration, analysis of results, reports (mailed and online), web support and other related services.

Contact us to share your group’s goals, explore demos of reports, options below and the ways we can best meet your needs.

100+ Ways to Measure Health – Flexibility to Meet Goals

  • Over 50 common blood chemistries and biometric measures can be included such as Glucose, Hemaglobin A1C. Total, HDL, LDL and Non-HDL Cholesterol measures, Triglycerides, Complete Blood Count, Blood Pressure, Height, Weight, Body Mass Index and others
    • Some groups focus on blood lipids, blood sugars, BP and BMI
    • Most groups include these and other measures for additional goals and benefits
  • Other optional measures include:
    • Reflex tests (automatic and variable by client, age, history, results from other blood tests and other factors) – e.g., HA1c, PSA, TSH, T4, HsCRP
    • SARS-CoV-2 IgG and IgM (COVID-19) antibody tests
    • Allergy, Thyroid panels and other test options of interest to some individuals
  • Over 65 other measures via the Health Power Assessment (HPA) – details.

Optimize Reach, Speed & Savings – Making it easy!

  • Reach any size worksite, remote employees and spouses at home.
  • Full coordination, promotion and registration support.
    • Online and phone registration options
    • Research and other support for determining what measures to include
    • Website, link, pdfs, posters, print communications… to promote the screenings 
  • 3 common ways of getting wellness screenings done:
    • Onsite screenings – at worksites & community locations
    • Local patient service centers – national lab network
    • Primary care provider option – using results from a recent visit
  • Reach all in every state & U.S. territory including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Guam.
  • Access personal results online in as few as 3-5 days.
  • Most reports mailed within 7 days.

Benefits – Reports, Data & Support

  • Robust aggregate group report documenting top risks and risk-related costs – includes helpful charts, tables, references.
  • Pragmatic, research-based recommendations to reduce identified risks, improve health, health care, absenteeism and related costs.
  • Improved quality, scope and outcomes of early detection efforts - participation, satisfaction, testimonials, results and related improvements, earlier and better outcomes, claims savings, and cost-effectiveness.