For The Best Results, The Right Approach To Population Health Management Is Essential

Our Name: "HPN"

What is the meaning of HPN and the HPN logo?

HPN has always been HPN, while our long name changed once.

The Health Promotion Network, Inc. was HPN's original name when founded in 1983. The name reflected the initial focus of services and a collaborative networking approach in the design, implementation, evaluation and improvement of strategy and support solutions of each group.

1997 to date
In 1997, the name transitioned to HPN Worldwide, Inc. for three main reasons:

  1. Support services began on the Internet (that have expanded to include HIPAA/HITECH-compliant group-specific e-health portals, health risk assessment and screening support and reports; data warehousing and analytics, e-learning and other health/wellness management system and health decision support tools.
  2. HPN began reaching out to overseas expats and missionaries of multi-national organizations based in the U.S.; and
  3. The ways HPN was assisting clients had expanded to include population health and productivity, human performance, health risk management and loss control, disease and condition management, use and quality of health care, research and evaluation, e-health websites and online tools, data warehousing and analytics and IT support.

Since 1983, the logo has always symbolized many things.

The spheres symbolize:

  1. A multi-dimensional model of health and life – e.g., mind, body, spirit, feelings, work, relationships, environment, financial and other dimensions;
  2. The varied and common goals of individuals, families, organizations and communities;
  3. Choices and other variables that influence those dimensions and goals;
  4. Diversity (e.g., among people, gifts, strengths, ideas, assets, teams, communities, organizations);
  5. Sources of support and resources to achieve goals; and
  6. Powers of collaboration – people and organizations working together to make a difference; and
  7. All of the above 7 days a week.

The lines symbolize:

  1. How everything is connected;
  2. Ripple effects – e.g., how one area can affect 1 or more other areas in positive or negative ways.

The light and energy moving between spheres symbolizes:

The dynamic powers and motion of changes in awareness, insights, choices and actions within any one and all areas represented by the spheres from personal and family choices to organizational and governmental choices.