For The Best Results, The Right Approach To Population Health Management Is Essential


For over 30 years, HPN has been building a world class preferred provider partner network of content developers, publishers, worksite screening and immunization providers, trainers, research organizations and other providers of information, services and other resources, to deliver support to all the groups and people receiving support from HPN.

HPN also provides behind the scenes web, IT and other support to a growing list of channel partners for all the groups and people served by each.

Whenever we can, we treasure opportunities to spread the word and brainstorm on ways business groups and trade associations can help members and communities.

Channel Partners

These are collegial partners providing key support to the employers, other groups and people they serve in their local and national service regions with support such as:

  • Health & wellness websites for employees and families – tailored for each group
  • Wellness screenings
  • Wellness incentive programs and challenges

HPN's platform, sites, WMS and other support offer many advantages to operations, admin, clinical and other staff specialists of channel partners such as:

  • Health and wellness partners – serving their own clients with key support
  • Partners specializing in wellness screening support options – locally and nationally
  • Hospital and occupational health partners – with expanding health, safety, wellness and screening support services for employers and other groups in their service areas
  • Onsite primary care clinics – with expanding health, wellness and/or screening support services offered for their own clients
  • Benefit consulting and TPA partners – helping clients with a varied mix of needs spanning population health, wellness websites, incentive programs, screenings and other goals
  • Other HIPAA business associates of groups that we or our partners serve

Preferred Provider Service Area Networks

  • Content Partner Network — for health, health care, financial and benefit decision support content and tools - e.g., e-lessons, videos, assessments, smart decision tools, URAC-accredited and other resources
  • Resource Network and Clearinghouse — for educational literature, DVDs, videos, programs, software, equipment, educational models and props
  • Training Network – skilled/experienced trainers to provide onsite training programs anywhere, any shift, multiple languages - in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • Wellness Screening and Immunization Network – to provide services anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico
  • EAP Network – local service and national network options
  • Health Coaching Network – for medical condition, illness and/or wellness goals
  • Research Network

Business Groups & Trade Associations

Over the last 20+ years, we have worked with business coalitions, chambers of commerce, trade associations and other groups in a range of ways:

  • Sharing relevant updates regarding population health and wellness, related issues and improvement opportunities, research, solution considerations, resources and/or case studies.
  • And, some groups are interested in exploring solutions, pilot projects and/or additional savings opportunities for their members and communities.

If we are able to help in some way, we will.

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