For The Best Results, The Right Approach To Population Health Management Is Essential

Our Teams

When we started HPN in 1983, we had no idea the journey would involve so many wonderful people all these years – past to present – all of whom have our ongoing thanks and gratitude. - Bob and Barbara Gorsky

Below are some of the great people with amazing gifts and talents who have worked together on teams over the years providing support to over 1,000 organizations, and over 1 million individuals and their families for better health, quality care and wellbeing. Some of these teams span: customer support; decision support content, tools and resources; e-learning; technology, information systems and analytics; communications; R&D; and other support listed further below.

Rick Barbieri, MPH MBA - Research, Project Management & Training
Alice Barr, RN MBA - Health Plan Design, Quality Care, Care Management
Jim Benton - Illustrator
Emily Bergadon - Tech, Data & Ops Support
Nancy Beskin MBA MPH - Research, Project Management, Training
Mary Jo Blackwood - RN MPH
Jim Brashear, MCS - Chief Technology Officer
Sandy Burk, MPH - Research, Project & Client Support
Barb Crowell, MS - Manager, Finance, HR, Process Engineering
Joan Cantwell, RN, MA, OHN - Clinical, Research & Training
Shannon Dames, MPH RN - Training, Screening & Coaching Support
Deborah Doering - Graphic Design
Toni Felston - Employee Benefits
Kathy Foulser, ND MPH MS - Clinical, Research, Customer Support
Jerald Floyd, EdD & Other Professors at NIU - Research, Training Resources
Barb Gardner - R&D, Training
Kandace Golas, MSW LCSW - Counseling, Learning Resources
Barbara Gorsky, PT MPH MDiv DMin - Spiritual Wellbeing, Pastoral Care, Faith Communities, Outreach
Ben Gorsky - Customer Support, Privacy Officer
Bob Gorsky, PhD CWP - President, PHO & Research
Sara Gorsky - e-Learning, Web Design, Graphic Design
Will Graham - Software Engineer
Jake Grotelueschen - UI/UX Visual Design, Graphic Design
Bill Heffernan, LCPC CEAP - EAP, Training, Counseling
Travis Heminger - Sr. Software Engineer
Jaime Henrickson, PharmD
Alex Hu - Software Engineer
Dave Johnson - Graphic Design
Carolyn Kirschner, MD - OB/GYN Oncology, Surgery, Outreach
Greg Kirschner, MD MPH - Family Practice, Training, International Health, Outreach
Cheryl Larson - Consulting
Marijo Letizia, PhD RN
Steve Lindberg, JD
Jason Longshore - Software Engineer
Chuck Maddox - IT
Mary Mullaney, CPA
Jeff Neal - Software Engineer
Jeff Nelson, MD - Infectious disease, training
David Noffs, MPH EdD - Learning Systems, Interactive Arts, Media & Training
Laurie Noffs, MA - E-learning & Graphic Design
David Mackinnon, MBA MA PhD LMFT - Personal/Work/Family Support, Resources, Research & Training
Mary Mullaney, CPA
Jay O’Connor - Wellness Screenings, Weight Management
Colleen O’Neill - Health Education
Vivian Palicki - Learning & Development, Translations
David Parkinson, MPH - Research, Customer Support & Training
Monica Pallares - Graphic Design
Alex Paul - Software Engineer
Chelle Pfiffner, MPH - Consultant, Research
Kristen Raley, MDiv
Sarah Redding, MD MPH - Pathways Community HUBs and CHW Training
June Reed - HR & Employee Benefits
Melissa Sandy, MEd
Mary Sendobry, MA
Laura Schneider - Inventory & Distribution
Hannah Shepard - Customer & Ops Support
Sue Shepard, PharmD
Anne Siefert, MEd - CHW Training
Ian Smith - Software Engineer
Andrea Spisiak - Intern
Rick Suray - CTO
Gary Tagtmeier, CPA - Financial wellbeing, money management, training
Liz Toburen - Intern
Mike Toburen, MDiv
Paulette Toburen, PsyD - Mental, Emotional & Social Wellbeing, Stress, Resilience, Parenting
Jennifer Toreja - Customer Support
Peter Walker - IT
Kathy Weiland, MPH - R&D, Communications, Training, Population Health
Lorna Werntz - Benefits Consulting
Ray Werntz, JD - Employee Benefits, Health Plan Design
Alex Wilczewski - Software Engineer
Caroline Wolf, MD

Plus many others involved with the teams listed below.

Movie Teams - VHS, DVD, streaming
  • Getting Healthwise - Handling Health Problems Better Than Ever
  • Stacking the Deck – for Better Health, Wellbeing and Success throughout Life
  • Early Detection – Tips & Tools for Life
  • Survival Guide for Better Health Care
  • Making Ends Meet & Dreams Come True
Core Skills Resources Teams – print, pdf, interactive
  • Getting Healthwise – Self Care, Health
  • Prevention Update – A Guide to Living Well in Today’s World
  • Early Detection – Sneak Attack; Early Detection – Tips & Tools for Life
  • Battling Germs & Infections
  • Survival Guide for Better Health Care / Health Care Safety
  • Making Ends Meet & Dreams Come True
Other Teams
  • Healthwise Knowledgebase – 100+ MDs, DOs, RNs, engineers… everyone
  • Trainers – for onsite training at client worksites in every state
  • Well Rewards Programs & Challenges
  • Learning system with 1,400+ e-lessons
  • Healthfests – weekend teams at company* family picnics in the Midwest (10+ years ago)
  • Wellness screenings, clinical & lab teams – throughout the U.S.
  • Flu shot teams – throughout the U.S.
  • Immunizations – flu shots throughout the U.S.
  • Communications – site content, articles, newsletters, articles, launch & other
  • Security & Compliance
  • Technology platform, custom portals & tech support – for over 400 clients & channel partners
* For Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, Midas International, SC Johnson, Quaker Oats, others.